Tech Tip: Bridge Maintenance Memory Aid

Here’s a tech tip geared towards those like me, who don’t have a perfect memory. Because Delta’s I-100 and I-100S injector systems work through hydraulic pressure to fill breaks, the end seal needs to be replaced periodically. In fact, it’s the only injector part that needs regular replacement, which is one reason the maintenance of our bridges is so simple.

Delta Kits recommends that the end seal be changed every ten (10) repairs to insure breaks are completely filled with resin. A worn end seal makes for diminished pressure and suction which reduces the efficiency of your equipment. Who wants to spend longer on a repair than they have to? Trying to remember how many repairs have been made since the seal was last changed, is a common issue reported by technicians.</p.

The solution is so simple you should have no problem adopting it into your regular routine. After removing the curing tab from a cured repair, place the tab between the tray edge and foam adjacent to the bridge you used. After collecting ten tabs you will know it is time to change the end seal for that bridge. You can reuse the tabs that are still clean and flat, and throw out those that have seen better days.

So if you want to stop leaving air in breaks or spending extra time on repairs due to worn end seals use this simple memory aid. Now get crackin’!

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