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Recently on the forum there was a question raised about how a “cap” a pit. The forum member previously attended Delta Kits Factory Training & Certification Course and had been properly trained on the procedure but he felt nervous because it was his first time doing it in the field. Afterwards, we posted a video detailing how to “cap” a pit.

You can view this and several other videos created to address frequently asked questions that circulate around the windshield repair industry by visiting www.windshield-repair-forum.com or www.deltakits.com.

Delta Kits has numerous informational videos to help windshield repair and headlight restoration technicians. These videos range from repairing a combination breaks to how to restore a headlight. If you have a question that you feel would be a good topic to be covered in a video, please drop a line to info@deltakits.com. We may just create a video answer to your question. Below is a link to current Delta Kits videos.

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Below are some of the hot topics from the month of September:

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Star Runner!

New to the business

As of September 30, 2009 the world’s largest windshield repair forum included 36, 512 posts on 4661 topics.

If it’s happening in the windshield repair industry you will find out about it at www.windshield-repair-forum.com. Membership is free, so join the windshield repair forum today. You’ll be glad you did.

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