Delta Kits Certified Windshield Repair Technicians!

Delta Kits held an on-the-road training course on Sunday after the show, which was also very well attended. The trainees were quick learners and their repairs looked like they were completed by seasoned pros. Everyone in attendance was certified after completing and passing our factory training and certification course.

“You guys were awesome. I have attended several seminars in the past for different business related categories and yours is by far one of the best, well rehearsed, and friendliest atmosphere, (including high-end knowledge) out there. I am very happy with this opportunity and you guys made it look flawless… who knew! Thanks again for all your help.” – Chuck B.

  • Chuck Bible
  • Ray Brewer
  • Charles Brokhoff
  • Jeff Carlin
  • Tom Cuff
  • Dennis Feehan
  • Brian Hitzeman
  • Bill Lemon
  • Gary Mathew
  • John Myers
  • Jack Pretts
  • Dennis Scherback
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