Delta Kits Customer Speaks Out

Hello all,

My wife and I just returned from attending the Delta Kits training and certification class in Eugene, OR. First of all I want to thank Brent, Korey, Jonathan, Bruce and the entire Delta Kits staff for the great day we had. The training class was more than I expected. Having no prior knowledge or experience of the windshield repair industry I left the class having a wealth of knowledge about the industry. We were given an overview of the industry, the processes of a professional windshield repair and marketing and billing tips. The best part of the class was the hands on training that was provided for all participants. I strongly recommend this training class for all windshield repair technicians regardless of what system that you may use. I feel confident that I can perform a professional quality windshield repair after attending this training class. With that said I will continue to practice my new trade…..because as the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”. Thanks again to the entire Delta kits staff!!

Lee L.

Atlanta, Georgia

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