Mobile Headlight Restoration: How to Power Up

If you are a mobile technician you probably know that job locations can be less than ideal at times and it is wise to plan ahead to make sure there is an available power source for your tools. There would be nothing worse than losing a job because you were underprepared. Recently we have received a number of questions regarding mobile headlight restoration technicians using generators to power Delta Kits 120V Random Orbit Sanders.

Using a gas generator can be a fairly inexpensive and efficient way to power your sanding tool while restoring headlights. When choosing a generator, the first thing to consider is generator output, determining the right size for the job. Generator output is measured in watts, a unit of power derived by multiplying electrical flow rate (amps) by electrical pressure (volts). By multiplying the volts by the peak amps, you can determine the watts needed to power a tool. The Delta Kits Random Orbit Sander is 120V and has 2.82 peak amps, which means that at least 339 watts are required to power the tool. However, when selecting a generator it is typically recommended that you double the peak wattage requirement, which in this case would lead us to shop for a generator that produces a minimum of 700 watts of power.

Small generators producing over 700 watts of power can be found for under $200. Harbor Freight has the Chicago Electric portable gas powered 900 watt generator on sale for $129; it is small and won’t take up too much room in your work vehicle. Home Depot has a Trades-Pro 850 watt portable generator for $199 that would work just fine as well.

A power inverter is another option for mobile headlight restoration technicians. The same basic rules apply for power inverter and generator selection. Power inverters are even less expensive but generators do offer some advantages over inverters. There are many options for inexpensive generators. Keep your eyes peeled for sales and buy yourself a portable generator so you are never unprepared again!

Please note that not all generators are created equal. Always check with the manufacturer to see if the generator you select is capable of powering the tools you intend to use. To find out how to expand into the world of mobile headlight restoration, call Delta Kits at (800) 548-8332 or visit our website at

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