Surface Pits: Customer Response…

In last month’s article, “ROLAGS Meeting,” we made mention that the main topic of discussion during the meeting was the issue of billing insurance companies for surface pits. There are a couple of problems that stem from this issue, the first being that insurance companies will continue to restrict payments to independent glass repair companies by requiring pre-inspection and offering undervalued reimbursement. The second problem is the deceptive practice of advertising that a surface pit will eventually crack out and require replacement is causing consumers to question the validity of the windshield repair business as a whole.

A customer response to last month’s article raised a valid point worth sharing.

S. Widener writes, “Missouri inspection laws change frequently and for the past couple of years they have been failing cars for having surface damage on the windshield if it is in the area swept by the wiper. We will often use pit filler to fill surface chips, BUT we always do it at NO CHARGE as a goodwill gesture. I always encourage customers to check with us to see if damage needs to be repaired and because we are honest with them, they come back when they do have a need.”

Widener makes a good point; it is not illegal to fill surface pits, and in some states cars may even fail inspection laws for having surface damage on the windshield. Surface pits can be filled and a technician can charge for the service if he so chooses. Some automobile owners want surface pits filled and are willing to pay for that service. So as long as the technician is honest about the purpose there is nothing unethical about providing the service.

Delta Kits believes that honesty and integrity with both the customer and the insurance company is critical to running a successful business. Whether you choose to charge for surface pits or not, be upfront with all parties involved and you will avoid getting yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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