Are you Reading this on a Mobile Device?

Are you reading this on a mobile device? If you aren’t now chances are, according to industry forecasters, you will be by end of this year. That’s when mobile internet traffic is expected to outnumber desktop usage. Couple that with the more than 192 million expected to be using smartphones by 2016, it’s time to examine if your company website is optimized for mobile viewing.

Here’s why:

In late 2012, Google conducted an independent survey titled “What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today.” Of the 1,088 smartphone users surveyed, about 67 percent indicated that they would be more likely to purchase a product or service from a business that built a mobile-friendly website. 61 percent of users also said they’d leave a site that’s not optimized for mobile.


Mobile-friendly sites have the potential to turn visitors into customers. But if you don’t have the budget to create a mobile version of your site, there are ways to make sure your current site is more mobile friendly.

Here are three suggestions:

  1. Menus and Buttons – Have you ever gone to a website on your phone where the menu navigation and buttons were too small for your fingers? It’s a good idea to increase the size of buttons on your website, and also add some padding space between your menu buttons, that way if your users don’t hit it exactly right, they won’t be directed to the wrong page.
  2. Images – If your images are large, your website will load slowly on a mobile device. Once users get to your website, they’ll have to scroll a lot to get past any images in your body content. Scale down your image sizes and try to find that sweet spot: not so small that they’re pixelated on a computer, but small enough to load fast on a mobile device.
  3. Flash – A multimedia animated plug-in, looks cool on your desktop but it does not work on many smartphones. You can look for web hosting companies like GoDaddy that already convert sites into a mobile version. Google has launched GoMo, a tool to help small business owners see how their current site looks on a smartphone and provides a free report with personalized recommendations. GoMo will also convert a regular website into a mobile-friendly site in just five steps. Keep customers in the palm of your hand. Go mobile.

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