Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry is a Christian organization that has been providing short-term emergency relief and long-time development work within communities around the world to end poverty and hunger since 1971.

FH is currently working in nearly 30 countries within Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. A few of their services include: food security through agricultural programs, education support programs that build schools and teach children about the dangers of HIV/AIDs, proper hygiene, nutrition, etc. FH also provides clean sources of water for communities, medicine, medical care, and works to bring about sustainable change by teaching community members how to generate an income.

South Sudan collageFood for the Hungry is close to the heart of Delta Kits President, Brent Deines, as his brother is living in Nairobi, Kenya, and working on projects for the organization in the South Sudan. Buck Deines is working in devastated villages affected by a recent flood that swept away their homes along with everything else the occupants had.

“We are planning a one year program which will provide those families most affected by the flood with seeds and tools to replant,” remarks Buck Deines. “We will also be providing them with agricultural training and will be working with them to build dykes and drainage ditches to help mitigate future flooding problems.”

Delta Kits is a proud supporter of Food for the Hungry and is moved by all of the hard work that its teams put in day in and day out in some of the harshest conditions in the world. It is because of organizations like Food for the Hungry that lives are transformed every day.

For more information about Food for the Hungry and to learn about how you can get involved with transforming lives, visit

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