The Right Bur for the Job

Choosing the carbide bur that suits your needs…

Have you ever wondered which carbide bur is right for the job? There are tapered tip, round tip, pear shaped, long, short, large and small shaft sizes, etc. How are you supposed to know which one to use? Delta Kits is here to put your mind at ease.
As you have probably noticed, Delta Kits sells several types of carbide burs.

The Tapered Tip .047 Carbide Burs (26020) are sized to match the tip of Delta Kits Spring Hammer and Slide Hammer tools in order to create the perfect sized holes for popping mini bullseye’s when anchoring cracks. They are also very fast drilling and durable making them the most popular bur we sell.

The Long Tapered Tip .035 Carbide Burs (26050 and the 26060) are also for fast drilling when smaller hole sizes are desired. These burs are virtually identical except for the tip size.

The Round Tip .039 Carbide Burs (26030 & 26085) are great for drilling the center of the impact point for improved resin flow and to clean out crushed glass or old resin from the pit area. Many technicians prefer round burs because they are easier to control than tapered burs and less likely to skip across the glass. The 26030 and the 26085 are the same bur, except that the 26085 has a larger shaft size and requires an 1/8” drill collet.

The Pear Shaped .024 Carbide Burs (26040) are the smallest burs we sell. Like round burs, they are easy to control and skipping is minimal. Since the 26040 creates very small holes, the result is a less visible “scar” after the repair is completed.

Our rating scale of 1-5 is based on the average number of holes each bur is expected to drill before becoming dull.

26020 (Tapered, .047 in hole size) – 5.0
26030 (Round Tip, .039 in hole size) – 4.0
26085 (Round Tip, .039 in hole size, .094 shaft diameter) – 4.0
26060 (Long Tapered Point, .039 in hole size) – 3.6
26040 (Pear Shaped, .024 in hole size) – 2.0
26050 (Long Tapered Point, .031 in hole size) – 2.0

Which bur works right for you is largely personal preference, but understanding the differences and benefits of each will help make the decision easier.

For more information on Delta Kits carbide burs and other popular windshield repair products, visit our website at or give us a call at (800) 548-8332.

windshield repair burs selecting the the right size

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