Charity Spotlight: Kusewera, Empowering Children Through Active and Creative Play

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest nations.  It has close to one million orphans due to both the HIV/AIDS epidemic and malaria outbreaks. Kusewera, an organization founded by a young woman named Karen Osborn. The organization strives to enrich the lives of children in the Mtendere Village Orphanage and their surrounding communities. Enriching their lives through active and creative play. Through the year-round sustainable program, children learn to become positive individuals, strong leaders in their communities. They can also learn life skills as well as the importance of healthy living and hygiene.

Some activities within the Kusewera Empowerment Program are: dance, sports, music, art, and creative writing. Also, volunteer teams are a key factor in the success of the program. Kusewera has created affordable, short-term volunteer service trips that give volunteers the opportunity to work with the children and to have a direct impact on their lives. Volunteers provide coaching, mentoring, lessons in teamwork and participate in confidence building activities while providing lots of encouragement for the kids.
Kusewera’s project goals for this year are:

  • Make sure every child has their textbook
  • Phase two of the sport court for the sports program
  • Providing every child in Mtendere with a pair of shoes
  • Raise funds to build a secondary school in the Mtendere village

Furthermore, Delta Kits has been fortunate enough to work with the incredible Kusewera team. It fully supports their mission to empower the children of Africa by providing them opportunity for a hope filled future.

Finally, for more information on the Kusewera Empowerment Program and to find out how you can help or get involved, visit

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