One Approach to Sales: Potential Customers

Confidence is key when approaching potential customers, just ask our friend Ben who posted this on the Windshield Repair Forum. This is how Ben approaches potential customers:

“Don’t be shy. Tell them what you can do for them and be confident in what you know you can do for them. Do it for them, and they will tell their friends. It’s a hard sell sometimes, but when it gets tough like life is, dust it off and get the next one. You must be tough, vigilant, and nearly shameless to SELL ANYTHING. WSR is all about sales. As I’ve said before, the timid need not apply. Your marketing is going to have to be face to face. People get used to seeing those chips in many cases and might just blow them off not realizing that at some point they may compromise their motoring safety and financial safety. When you inform them that those chips might compromise their safety and cost them some serious coin, you might be able to convince them that you can HELP them; hopefully they will listen. If they don’t, the next guy will, and so will his wife, uncle, brother, and 5 co-workers.

Target nice late model cars and their owners, be professional, courteous, and don’t be pushy like a “typical salesman.” You’ll find customers if you get out there. My best repair customers work for real estate companies, insurance agencies, and other office settings with a concentration of vehicles. Introduce yourself to the front desk. They will appreciate it. I’ve done work for a few of the aforementioned and stopped in to other neighboring businesses because I noticed other cars with chips and ended up with a lot of business due to my “shameless” approach of just saying “hi” with a smile and telling them that I helped their neighbor. You don’t need to buy a book to figure this out and the advice on this board is free. Go get ’em!” – Ben W.

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