Testimonial from Kathleen M.

We pride ourselves in always striving to deliver the highest level of customer service. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside when a customer reaches out and shares their customer service experience with us.

Thanks Kathleen M, for the complementary review on Yelp:

“Delta Kits’ primary business is supplying equipment and products to professionals in the Windshield and Autoglass repair industry. However, it also offers products for the DIY community, which is where I fit in. I had a quarter-sized bullseye chip in a large plate glass window. After making dozens of calls to residential window repair and autoglass repair shops in my area, it seemed that no one knew how to repair the window. So I started searching the internet for a DIY solution. Pretty quickly, I came across a great article by Jordan Deines at Delta Kits that addressed my exact situation. I contacted the folks at Delta Kits, who provided me detailed instructions on how to repair the hole along with a product list. I also contacted the author the article, who actually took the time to write me back and give me some additional tips. As soon as I get the products and complete the job, I’ll edit the post to let you know how it turns out. But as of right now, I can definitely say that the customer service has been beyond excellent.”

Katherine, M.
Manhattan, NY

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