Windshield Repair Olympics: Interview with the Hamilton’s

As many of you know, the annual Windshield Repair Olympics were held this year in Tampa, Fla., during Auto Glass Week. Delta Kits Customer Greg Hamilton of Hamilton Auto Glass Group in Charleston, S.C., placed third in this year’s competition. We caught up with Greg and his wife Debra and asked them to share their experiences as competitors in the Windshield Repair Olympics with us.

Some questions for Greg…

Why did you decide to enter the WSR Olympics?

I competed in the WSR Olympics this year to showcase my knowledge of the Delta (Kits) Repair System, and to display my skills as a certified auto glass technician which allows me to hold myself to a higher standard and helps me to be one of the best in the industry.

What did you learn from your experience?

The competition brings professionalism, craftsmanship, and educational opportunities. It has taught me how to perform in an arena among my peers, suppliers, and spectators, which allows me to perform more efficiently in a real world work environment.

What do you think went well, and/or what would you do differently?

The competition was very demanding but overall I feel like I performed one of the best repairs I could have performed and demonstrated superb customer service while doing so. I was very satisfied with my repair and don’t think I could have done anything differently.

Would you participate again?

I welcome the opportunity to compete on a national level again. I would also like to see competitions on a regional level.

If you had won the $10,000, what would you have done with it?

I would like to have won the first place gold medal for two reasons. I wanted to reinvest the $10,000 grand prize back into my business with some state of the art equipment, and first place status would have given my business some great marketing collaterals, press releases and more importantly bragging rights!

Some questions for Debra…

Were you nervous for Greg?

I was a little nervous while Greg was competing but very confident in his talents, knowledge and ability to do what he does so well every day.

Were you confident? How did you encourage and support him?

I’m very supportive of Greg and all he has accomplished in this industry, especially venturing out to start his own business. From the start, Greg had reservations about competing in this year’s competition. We talked about the benefits of competing and the large cash prize was a fantastic incentive. Once I said, “Go get them tiger,” he bought his A game.

Do you hope he competes again?

I would love for Greg to compete again. He definitely has the expertise to be number one!

What were your thoughts before they announced the winner?

I was filled with anticipation the entire dinner and could barely eat. I was thinking Greg has this in the bag. Of course, I’m bias to my husband but honestly thought Greg was going to bring home the 1st place prize.

Thank you Greg and Debra for sharing your experiences with us, and congrats on placing in the Windshield Repair Olympics! We are proud of you guys for bringing awareness, drive, honesty, knowledge, quality repairs, and professionalism to the industry.

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