First Time Competitor Shares his Valuable Experience: Windshield Repair Olympics

Roy Christ was a first time competitor in the annual Windshield Repair Olympics this September, and has taken the time to write us about his personal experience.

“Delta Kits Family,

When I was asked by my bosses, Dan Knowlton and Brian Higgins, to represent K&K Glass in the Windshield Repair Olympics, it came as a shock. What a great opportunity for me! In speaking with Korey from Delta Kits, he said to “just be yourself and you’ll do great.” Korey introduced me to Bruce from Delta Kits to oversee my training. Bruce was more than helpful with the training process and tools that were unfamiliar to me. Also, Jordan was very helpful in making sure that I had everything needed for the competition, plus giving that big confidence boost. My nerves were rattled a bit not knowing what to expect, but to my surprise, my competitors were more like old friends; everyone was more than helpful knowing this was my first competition. Thanks Greg H. for taking the extra time to help me with questions and concerns; it was very nice meeting both you and your wife.

Just being able to take part in the Olympics was refreshing. One major lesson that I learned from participating in the Olympics is that there is always room for improvement in technique, quality of repairs, and in communicating and educating your customers. It is important to set realistic expectations of the repair from the beginning to the end result.

I was able to have a great learning experience because I knew that I had the support of my company, K&K Glass, as well as the support of the Delta Kits Family and many new friends from the competition.

If and when the opportunity to compete in the Olympics arises again, I will definitely be better prepared, and would remember to use my U.V. Dome…still cannot believe I forgot it.

I feel that by just participating in the Olympics and meeting a lot of great people, I am a winner. As far as the 10,000 dollars goes, I would have caught up on some personal things and would take a much needed extended vacation.

Thank you Delta Kits team for making a great product and thank you Korey, Jordan and Bruce for going the extra mile to make sure I had everything I needed for the competition. And a special thank you to K&K Glass for supporting me and allowing me to represent our company.”

Roy Christ
K&K Glass

Thank you Roy for sharing your experience with us and for all of the kind words! We look forward to seeing you at Auto Glass Week 2014, and wish you the best of luck in future Windshield Repair Olympic competitions.

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