Delta Kits Continues Commitment to Charity in 2013

Charitable Donations Exceed $25,000 for 2013

Delta Kits is exceedingly passionate and dedicated to providing support to disadvantage people locally and all over the world. It’s a commitment that extends twelve months out of the year, not just over the holiday season.

For the month of December, Delta Kits donated 50% of all windshield repair and headlight restoration service profits to the Eugene Mission. The Eugene Mission is a homeless shelter providing meals, safe shelter, clothing, and social services to over 600 men, women, and children in Lane County. The last week of December, 100% of all service profits were donated.

“Every year we try to find new ways to get people involved in the joy of giving without it costing them anything out of their own pockets,” said Brent Deines, President of Delta Kits. “In the past we have raised money for charities in a number of different ways, typically involving price incentives for our product customers, but this year we decided to try something involving our service customers.”

In 2013, Delta Kits donated more than $25,000 to a variety of charities including non-profit organizations like Living Water and LIFE Outreach that provide food, clean water, and medical care to those in need. Delta Kits contributed to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, the local chapter of the Ronald McDonald House, and the Eugene Mission to name a few. Most recently, a windshield repair system was donated in connection with non-profit organization Kuswera, to give an individual the opportunity to become a business owner and create a better life for his family. In addition, to support Hayian relief efforts, Delta Kits contributed to MAP International, a global health organization that is preparing and shipping medical supplies to the storm ravaged areas of the Philippines.

Deines says the perpetual philanthropy represents the company’s core values: building stronger communities and contributing to a higher quality of life for its customers and disadvantaged individuals in Eugene and around the world. “When I started working for Delta Kits in 1994, one of the first things I learned was the importance of sharing the company’s good fortune with others”, says Deines. “Giving money to a worthy cause is far more rewarding than spending it.”

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