Tech Tip: Bottles, Control Tips, and Droppers

Delta Kits 15 ml plastic resin bottles now come packaged with glass resin droppers for those who prefer using a dropper to insert resin into the injector rather than using the plastic control tip that comes pre-installed on the bottle. Using resin droppers with Delta Kits stainless steel and aluminum injectors, as well as any other brand of top load injectors, assures that the seal is completely filled with resin, resulting in less waste and minimal clean-up.

To remove the controlled tip from the plastic bottle, use nitrile gloves or Delta Kits 25040 Derma Shield barrier cream in order to protect your skin from excess resin. While holding the bottle securely and upright with one hand, use the thumb and index finger of your other hand to gently push the tip to the side; the tip should pop right off. Once the tip is removed you will be able to place the glass dropper into the plastic bottle and tighten it until it stops. Be cautious not to over-tighten the dropper, as this could cause the rubber bulb on the dropper to pull away from the plastic; consequently leaking may occur.

Note that while Delta Kits glass resin bottles also use a dropper, the cap size and pipette are larger, and the pipette is made of plastic. The glass dropper will only fit in the plastic resin bottle, and the plastic dropper will only fit in the glass resin bottle.

If you prefer visuals and would like to see how to remove the plastic control tip, and which dropper fits in each bottle, view our helpful informational video. For more information on bottles and resins, visit or call us at (800) 548-8332.

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