Our summer has been full of training, so here’s your friendly monthly update!  Check our website for training alerts and cancellations. Our most recent factory training class took place on August 18th – all in all, we had 9 newly Delta Kits Certified Technicians and a great time talking about the ins and outs of repair. Not only did we have a great time meeting and teaching fellow windshield repair enthusiasts, but we had a special Delta Kits guest – our Marketing Manager (aka the author of this very article) – who took the class as well! And Bruce, our Sales Rep and Expert Trainer here in Eugene, did a fantastic job as always, instructing the class. Great job, everyone.

For those of you who want to join in on the fun – and the training certification – keep on reading…

…there’s one more factory training opportunity for 2017.

That’s right, there’s ONE more chance for you to join our factory training class this year right here at Delta Kits’ headquarters in Eugene, OR – take a look below… Read More