Latest Well Report from India Living Water International

Latest Well Report from India

As many of you may already know, Delta Kits has had the privilege of working with Living Water International over the years. Delta Kits helps to provide clean drinking water all around the world for those who don’t already have it.

There are at least 783 million people without safe drinking water worldwide, which means that there are at least 783 million opportunities to share our love by helping to provide clean wells for communities in need. Delta Kits is proud to share in the support of such a wonderful cause.

In a recent report provided by Living Water, Delta Kits’ support has been used for funding a well project. The well’s location is in the Santoshpur community in India. This community suffered for far too long from dysentery and dehydration, among other preventable water related illnesses. The suffering is due to unsafe public drinking water. In addition to providing a well for safe drinking water, Living Water’s team also provided locals with information on hygiene. This is addressing issues such as germs, clean hands, proper care of the pump, and bathing and carrying dirty water away from the well site.

Thanks to the continued efforts and the dedication of Living Water International. The people of the Santoshpur community can now enjoy better health from clean and safe drinking water.

Thank you for your perpetual support of Delta Kits so that we can continue to support clean water efforts! For more information on the efforts of Living Water International, visit their website here: Living Water International

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