MagniBond Resin One-Shot Packaging

Delta Kits has made some changes to the packaging of MagniBond One-Shot windshield repair resin part number 30003. The packaging change has been implemented to improve safety, volume sustainability, and ultraviolet protection. The use and performance of the resin has not changed.

The implementation of the packaging is in effect.

Here are some helpful tips and video (below) on how to use the new packaged One-Shots:

  1. Break apart one applicator from pack, if applicable
  2. While holding the top tab shake the individual unit (similar to how you would shake a thermometer) to get the resin to the tip of the applicator.
  3. Continue to hold the top tab and peel the long strips from both sides of the stem down to the tip of the applicator.
  4. Twist and remove the small tab at the tip of the applicator.
  5. Insert the tip and stem of the applicator into the injector cylinder until the tip is approximately 1/16″ above the end seal and firmly squeeze the bulb at the top to dispense all the resin. Continue squeezing the bulb until applicator is removed from the injector. If the bulb is released prematurely resin may be sucked back up into the applicator. If this happens, repeat the above steps to ensure all the resin is dispensed into the end seal.

Delta Kits is committed to providing you only the highest quality products for your needs. If you have any questions regarding this packaging change, please contact us at 800-548-8332 or email info

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