Changing Lives Down Under Using Windshield Repair

We always appreciate hearing how Delta Kits customers are using their windshield repair business to help others. You’ve heard of the Tasmanian Devil, but we think Graham Hickmott of Tasmania, Australia is more of an angel. Graham recently shared with us how he got involved with a local fundraiser to help a young woman who is bravely battling terminal cancer.

Kate Arney, a 20-year-old college student was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer earlier this year. Her wish is to go on a road trip with her friends from Melbourne to Cairns. When Hickmott read about her dream in the local paper, he knew he wanted to help raise the $10,000 needed for the “Road Trip for Kate” adventure.

“I am an amateur artist so, as in the past with similar events, I decided to donate a large oil painting for the cause. Also, I do Pet Portraits, so I donated the offer of a free portrait,” says Hickmott. “Then as I have just started several months ago doing Windscreen Repairs, and have done a considerable number of practice repairs, I decided to donate 5 separate Free Chip Repairs.”

Hickmott says he has been involved with several charities over the years, using his artwork to raise funds, inspired by his own personal story of loss, “My partner lost her daughter to cancer when she was just 30 years old, about five years ago,” says Hickmott. “I will now use this extra skill I have learned (and am still learning) as another addition towards further charity work in the future.”

Hickmott knew he could help make Arney’s dream come true while getting the word out on his new windshield repair business. He decided not to use a “use by” date on the repair coupons, so those who bid on them could use the prize at their convenience and possibly gift to a family member or friend.

The fundraiser was a success and raised $7,800 towards the “Road Trip for Kate” campaign. Now Hickmott hopes to grow his windshield repair business to help more youth in his area, “With very high youth unemployment here in Tasmania, I want to grow the business so that I can employ and train some others, so that I can be of some small help in that area too.”

While donating free windshield repairs to lift the spirits of Kate Arney, it has also provided a much-needed lift for Hickmott personally, “I myself have been unemployed for several years and at 50 years old it’s very difficult starting out again. I am hoping that this new business will be the way forward,” Hickmott says. “I have been impressed with the professionalism shown towards the craft on the Forum. This is how I wish to be with my business, not to just settle for second best but to perfect it and be the best I can be.”

Kate’s road trip is planned for December. If you would like to read more about her journey you can check out her blog Apathetically Cancerous.

If you have a story about how you have used your windshield repair or headlight restoration services to help others, let us know! You can email or call 800-548-8332.

Kate Arney, photo courtesy: The Advocate
Landscape Painting by Hickmott
Landscape Painting by Hickmott
Pet Portrait by Hickmott
Pet Portrait by Hickmott
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