Marketing Tips: 5 Simple Steps to Customer Confidence

You’re able to repair damaged glass, but do customers trust you with the task? Below are a few simple marketing tips to ensure that your customers feel comfortable leaving their vehicle in your care.

1. What does your work environment look like? Is it clean or messy? Your work space should be both clean and organized. Do not leave yesterday’s half-eaten sandwich out where people can see it; trash belongs in the trash can. Do not have friends “hanging out” in the background (I see this at tent locations all the time!). Also, keep your tools neat and tidy in a tool box.

2. Do you look professional? While you don’t need to wear a suit and tie, you do need to look professional. How you present yourself is a direct reflection on your level of professionalism. If you wonder what professional looks like, just think of the businesses that have left a good impression on you in the past.

3. Do you have certifications? Having a windshield repair and/or replacement certification in plain view for customers to see is a great way to show that you have gone the extra mile to learn your trade and have had professional training. For example, at the successful completion of Delta Kits certified training course, all technicians receive a Delta Kits windshield repair certificate and certified technician patch. Proudly display this certificate in a prominent place, and wear the patch on your work shirt, so customers can see your training credentials.

4. Can you explain the repair process step by step? There are always customers who are interested in the details. The better you can clearly explain the repair process in a way the customer can understand, the more likely they will trust your company with their vehicle. Beyond ensuring customer’s confidence, you only have about 30 seconds to give a clean and mean sales pitch to prospects before they lose interest; it’s helpful to know exactly what you are talking about.

5. Do you go the extra mile? At Delta Kits, we strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. In our 35+ years of providing a high level of customer service, we have found that creating a positive experience for the customer turns a first-time customer into a lifelong one. In addition, we always set expectations for the repair process, cover our warranties, clean all the windows (inside & out), vacuum out the vehicle, and treat our customers with respect and kindness. You would be surprised how many companies don’t take the time for these simple things. Also, there are many seemingly little things that you can practice giving your customer the best experience possible. All the little details that seem insignificant to you can leave lasting impressions on your customers. Finally, it’s up to you to make a good, lasting impression that sets you apart from your competition.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about the windshield repair process to ensure that your customers confidently choose you, call us at (800) 548-8332 or visit our website at We also have an extensive selection of informational videos; check them out here!

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