Zambia Well Rehabilitation

There are at least 783 million people without safe drinking water worldwide, which means that there are at least 783 million opportunities to share our love by providing clean wells for communities in need. Delta Kits is proud to share in the support of such a wonderful cause.

In a recent report provided by Living Water International, Delta Kits’ support has most recently been used for funding the repair of a well in the community of Hanyumbu, Zambia. The villagers in this community were one of the many groups of people displaced by the building of a dam wall on the Zambezi River, and as a result, needed a new source for clean water. The government built a well for their community but it repeatedly broke down and was not workable. Living Water International was able to aid the Hanyumbu community by rehabilitating their current well and by forming a Water User Committee that is now responsible for managing the well for the entire village. The Water User Committee is also in charge of ensuring that hygiene and sanitation will be practiced regularly within the community to keep the water safe and clean for drinking.

Thanks to the continued efforts and the dedication of Living Water International, the people of the Hanyumbu community can now enjoy better health from clean and safe drinking water.

Thank you for your perpetual support of Delta Kits, so that we can continue to support clean water efforts in communities like these! For more information on the efforts of Living Water International, visit their website here:

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