Must Have Business Apps

Making Work More Productive

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I wish there was an app for that?” Well, there probably is! Whether you have a windshield repair shop, tent location, or you have a mobile windshield repair business, there are many incredibly helpful apps that are designed for businesses just like yours. We are headed into a paperless society where smartphones make it easier than ever to receive and make payments on-the-go, keep to-do lists, manage schedules, email, invoice jobs, etc. Below we have compiled a list of apps that might be beneficial to you as you manage your windshield repair business.

Accounting Software with Apps

QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software options for small business owners. Built from the ground up, the online version of QuickBooks offers a user-friendly app. The reviews on Apple App Store prove it with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. Through the app you can reconcile bank statements, send invoices, and capture receipts. The app is free with a subscription to QuickBooks online.

XeroXero accounting software is another great option for on-the-go small business owners. Although the user experience is not as smooth as QuickBooks, it does have quite a few features that make doing business on the road much easier to handle. Like Quickbooks, you can reconcile bank statements, send invoices, capture receipts and attach them to expenses. The reviews are not nearly as high as QuickBooks with a 2.5 out of 5 stars. The app is free with a subscription to Xero.

Invoicing Apps

Invoice by Wave: Invoice lets you send free unlimited invoices to clients and track your business performance all from your iPhone. Wave specializes in providing services for small business owners. If you only want to invoice, you can do it for free with no strings attached.

Invoice2go: Setup is easy and there are many templates to choose from. You can add custom rates and taxes as well. One unique thing about Invoice2go is that it allows you to account for parts and labor. If you need to separate them out for tax purposes, this is something Invoice2go does well. Everything you do is backed up to the cloud and synced across your devices. Available on Android, iOS, and web.

Others to check out…
Invoice ASAP, Freshbooks, & Zoho

Accepting Payments

Swipe for Humanity: Swipe for humanity gives 50% of their profits from credit card fees to the cause of your choice. They also match the rate of whatever company you are currently using, so you won’t pay a penny more. You get the same service as you would from a company like Square, but you make a bigger impact! If you are a big fan of socially responsible companies, Swipe for Humanity is perfect for you. They make giving easy.

Square: Square has mobile point of sales tools, appointment scheduling, fast deposits, and online invoicing. It is probably the largest and most popular of these types of services.


CloudMagic: CloudMagic is one of the best email apps available on the iPhone, iPad, and Andriod. It supports up to five email accounts, and it works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and any IMAP account. The app will display your individual inbox for each of your separate accounts, along with a combined inbox to view all your mail. The app color codes your accounts. This app allows you to stay organized, but keeps all of your mail in one spot.

Business Card Scanner

CamCard: CamCard will save you space and time. You no longer need to look through a giant stack of business cards to find that contact you are searching for. Just scan an image of the business card using this app and it will save them on a cloud that you can access from any of your devices. It’s that easy. The app can also be used to scan documents and turn them into PDF files. Free for Android and iOS devices.

Manage Employees

Field Management by Locqus: This app allows you to manage employees who are out doing mobile work. This tool would be very helpful to someone with a mobile windshield repair company. Not only can you create and assign employees to tasks while they are in the field, but you can accept payments, invoice clients, and track employees with the built- in GPS.

Hopefully you find that this list was helpful in providing ways that allow your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

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