Delta Kits Introduces Three New Windshield Repair Systems

Delta Kits starts 2015 off by introducing three new Windshield Repair Systems; the 36001 EZ-250S Mobile, the 36016 EZ-400D Mobile Pro, and the 36021 EZ-450D Mobile Pro. The new systems are in response to the ever changing needs of the professional windshield repair technician. These systems were inspired with comfort, functionality, versatility, and affordability in mind, offering outstanding value and performance that is second to none.
The EZ-250S Mobile system is a part of the Delta Kits Premium Series and is equipped with the popular B250 Bridge and stainless steel screw type injector, the Ignite UV light, and enough resin and supplies to complete 50 repairs. The EZ-250S delivers professional level performance at an entry level price.

Delta Kits Premium Plus Series systems include the EZ-400D Mobile Pro and the EZ-450D. Both are double bridge systems allowing the technician to complete two repairs simultaneously. The EZ-400D includes a B150 Bridge and a B250 Bridge, both equipped with the industry leading stainless steel spring type injectors for uncompromising versatility.

Topping off the new lineup is the EZ-450D Mobile Pro which includes enough supplies to complete up to 200 repairs and features two B250 Bridges with stainless steel spring type injectors. The EZ-450D supplies maximum performance and maximum value.

The Delta Kits brand is built on innovation and quality, and in keeping with that commitment, these new windshield repair kits work as hard as the professionals who use them. Delta Kits equipment is built to endure the demanding conditions of our industry and designed to give professionals the confidence they need to get the job done.

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