Three Benefits to Delta Kits Headlight Restoration Equipment and Supplies

Headlight restoration equipment and supplies from industry leading, reputable companies can make or break your restoration service. Below benefits highlight the three ways Delta Kits professional headlight restoration and supplies can help.

The Ultimate Headlight Coating

Both Delta Kits Clear Pro and Clear Pro Plus headlight restoration systems include Infinity 4.1. It is known as the longest lasting headlight coating in the industry. The coating protects headlight lenses from damage. Damage associated with UV (sunlight), car wash chemicals and brushes, sand, rocks, chemicals on the roadway, acid rain, and other environmental contaminates. If a high-quality coating is not applied to the headlight lens immediately after it has been sanded and polished THE FINISH WILL NOT LAST! Do-it-yourself and even some so-called professional kits don’t include a coating, while others include an inferior product that is difficult to apply and offers little protection.

Delta Kits Infinity 4.1 is a proprietary formulation that is straightforward to apply; it is a simple wipe-on (optional spray-on) application. Both the self-leveling and quick dry properties make it the easiest to use professional headlight restoration coating available.  No other coating lasts as long or protects as well. Properly applied, Infinity 4.1 will not crack or peel like competitive products and provides a durable finish that lasts for years.

Infinity 4.1 is a low VOC water-based coating offering safe application and easy cleanup. It is environmentally friendly and there are no special shipping requirements.

Low-Cost Per Application and Unsurpassed Value

Delta Kits Clear Pro and Clear Pro Plus professional headlight restoration systems include everything needed to clean, sand, polish, and protect over 60 headlight lenses. The key to successful headlight restoration begins with the removal of the OEM protective coating which often requires the use of 320 grit, or even 180 grit sanding discs. Without the proper discs professional headlight restoration simply is not possible. Do-it-yourself kits do not include these discs. In fact, Clear Pro and Clear Pro Plus are the only headlight restoration kits to provide 190 sanding/polishing discs with 7 grits ranging from 180-3000.

Additional sanding and polishing discs are not the only advantage Delta Kits headlight restoration systems offer. Systems include proprietary cleaners and coatings. As well as safety glasses, dust masks, an interface pad, mixing jar, lint free towels, a mixing stick, masking tape, and a spray bottle. Every Clear Pro and Clear Pro Plus headlight restoration system also includes a training DVD and professional tool box with fitted foam interior. The Clear Pro Plus includes a professional random orbital sander for an unsurpassed value. In fact, the cost per application is over 50% lower than DIY kits and competitor’s professional systems.

Best Results Guaranteed

Professional headlight restoration specialists know Delta Kits is the industry leader in quality headlight restoration products. Clear Pro and Clear Pro Plus headlight restoration systems eliminate the need for expensive curing lights and spray equipment. Sanding discs and tools are tech specific for maximum efficiency. While, Infinity 4.1 coating provides UV protection, quick dry times, and lasting durability. Are you an experienced professional or an entrepreneur looking to start a new business? After all no other headlight restoration system is as easy to use or provides better results.

The quality of a product is only as good as the company who stands behind it.  Delta Kits has been providing outstanding customer service for over 30 years. Servicing individuals, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between, Delta Kits is a name you can trust.

Delta Kits offers same day shipping, free technical support and hassle-free returns. In fact, we are so confident that Clear Pro and Clear Pro Plus are superior to every other headlight restoration system on the market that we will refund your full purchase price if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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