Aiding in the End of the Burden of Dirty Water

Delta Kits Continues Work with Living Water and Helps Fund Well in Haitian Village

An excerpt from our Living Water report on a recent well we helped to fund in a Haitian Village:

“The daily tasks associated with water often go unnoticed in developed countries where safe water is abundant. However, in communities such as Cite Nazilia in northern Haiti, those same daily tasks become arduous and burdensome as a direct result of their lack of access to safe water. Washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking, drinking, bathing, and even using a toilet become impossible tasks. Forced to use whatever source they had, the 60 families of Cite Nazilia/Terrior Rouge used an unprotected, dug well or bottled water to get by. These unsafe options caused cholera, typhoid, malaria, and other waterborne illnesses to plague the community. Ready to see an end to the burden of dirty water, the community wrote and called Living Water with a request – respite and life from safe water. Because of the generosity of Delta Kits, the people’s request was answered, and the Living Water team arrived in the village ready to drill for water.”

In addition to helping with the materials and labor, the community established a seven-person water committee to oversee the new hand pump and is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. The residents were also taught safe hygiene and sanitation practices.

One villager shared her excitement over having a safe water source in her hometown, “I am Marilene Gracia. I am 28 years old. I have been living in this community all my life, and we never had a clean water source in here. Having this well here today is something that is very special for me, and in the name of all the community members, I have to thank Living Water for this big gift.”

If you would like to get involved with Living Water or learn how to donate you can check out their website, .


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