Delta Kits Continues Work with Living Water and Other Charities, Giving Grows in 2015

Charitable Donations Almost Reach $30,000

Delta Kits has partnered with Living Water International— an international organization that implements community-based water solutions in developing countries— for several years because we believe we all have the right to access clean drinking water. According to Living Water, there are currently 663 million lacking access to safe drinking water.

Here’s an excerpt from our latest report from a well recently constructed in a rural farming village in India.

“Parents were unable to provide for their families because they sat workless for months at a time during the dry season or spent countless hours collecting water and children were unable to attend school because they were out searching for water to provide for their families. This situation is the byproduct of limited and unsafe water access. The 10-family village in rural India struggles as do too many in the developing world to make ends meet—ends that begin and end with water. The public standpipes used in a neighboring village were not able to support the water needs of the village and were a long distance away. For this farming village, water not only serves as a necessary source of life, but also serves as a necessary means to household income. With no money to buy water and no water available, the people were trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of burden and disease. Doors to illness were also sustained by the water crisis suffered by this village, both because of a lack of safe and regular water access and the community’s uninformed, unsafe hygiene decisions.”

Earlier this year, the same organization installed a well in a Hattian village funded by Delta Kits. In 2015, Delta Kits donated almost $30,000 to a variety of local and international charities including non-profit organizations like Living Water and LIFE Outreach that provide food, clean water, and medical care to those in need. Delta Kits contributed to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, Cancer Research Institute, Disabled American Veterans, the local chapter of the Ronald McDonald House, the Children’s Miracle Network, and the Eugene Mission to name a few.

The perpetual philanthropy represents the company’s core values: building stronger communities and contributing to a higher quality of life for its customers and disadvantaged individuals in Eugene and around the world.

We want to thank you for allowing us to continue our commitment to helping others in 2015 and beyond.

Delta Kits Continues Work with Living Water and Other Charities, Giving Grows in 2015
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