Headlight Polishing – Using Delta Kits Premium Polishing Compound

The vast majority of Delta Kits customers report that 95% of the time they are very happy with the results they achieve using our professional headlight restoration kits and our dry polishing process. But what about the other 5%? Let’s face it, we have all restored headlights that did not turn out quite as clear as we had hoped. Sure, the customer is always extremely happy with the drastic improvement but you want those headlights to look like new again right? I know I do!

One way to get that “like new” result is to use Delta Kits Coat2Protect instead of the Infinity headlight coating we include with all Delta Kits headlight restoration systems. Coat2Protect is excellent for hiding light scratches and other imperfections in the lens surface and it is extremely easy to apply, however, it is slightly less durable and takes longer to dry than Infinity. For some, the trade-off is worth it but for others fast dry time and superior durability take precedence. The other way to get the best possible end result is to polish the lens using a variable speed polisher and a headlight polish. The Makita PV7001C coupled with Delta Kits Premium Polishing Compound is a combination that is hard to beat. Starting with a low speed keeps the polish from flying all over the place and because the PV7001C is a vertical polisher it is very easy to control when using a 3” foam polishing pad.

When using a liquid polish there is no need to modify any part of the Delta Kits recommended procedure for restoring headlights, we simply add the final polishing step just prior to applying Infinity or Coat2Protect. Using a liquid polish adds approximately 5 minutes and a few cents to each pair of headlights restored so for those who will accept nothing but the very best the additional time and expense is negligible. We’ve sped up this headlight restoration video so you can see the entire process in just over 2 minutes.

So why doesn’t Delta Kits include the Makita polisher and Delta Kits Premium Polishing Compound with every headlight restoration system we sell? The answer is simple; the majority of headlight restoration professionals tell us they are happy with the results they get using the Delta Kits dry polish procedure so we cannot justify increasing the price of our kits to cover the cost of the extra polisher and polish.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if you and your customer are both happy with your work. If so, don’t change a thing but if you are always wanting to take your headlight restorations to the next level and have not tried Delta Kits Premium Polishing Compound yet, you really should give it a try. As always, you can take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your Delta Kits purchase. This month our Premium Polishing Compound, headlight restoration systems, sanders, sanding and polishing discs, coatings, and cleaners are on sale!

Using Delta Kits Premium Polishing Compound

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