Tech Tip: Choosing the Right Bridge

The bridge is the heart of every windshield chip repair kit so choosing the right bridge is one of the most important decisions a new technician makes. It’s no wonder we receive so many calls questioning which bridge is “best” and why. We also get a lot of calls from technicians considering a bridge upgrade who have the same questions.

To assist you with this important decision we thought it might be helpful to answer the most common question we receive but first here are a few important things to look for in any windscreen repair bridge.

What to look for:

  1. Must have an injector capable of filling every type of damage quickly and efficiently. While this seems obvious, one of the most common reasons for a bridge upgrade is due to dissatisfactory performance of a previous purchase.
  2. When placed on the glass it is critical that it stays there. Again, this seems like a no brainer but the fact is bridges attached to the glass with standard suction cups are prone to falling off before the repair is completed. Not only does this compromise the quality of the repair but may also damage the customer’s vehicle. If an injector is too heavy the problem is compounded.
  3. A good bridge is adjustable so damage to any part of the windshield can be repaired without adapters. A bridge with a fixed or center mounted injector has very limited capabilities but this fact is often overlooked when choosing your first injector.
  4. Durability and ease of cleaning are extremely important. A simple design made of high quality materials will require minimal maintenance and provide consistent performance. New technicians often get caught up in the bells and whistles and overlook all the small parts that require frequent maintenance or replacement. Worse yet, an overly complicated design may malfunction in the middle of a repair.
  5. Size matters, but in this case bigger is not better, especially for mobile technicians. Many technicians use several bridges at one time so a compact design is preferable. Large bulky bridges weigh you down and slow you down.

Okay, now for the most common question about Delta Kits windshield repair bridges:

Q: What are some of the differences between the Delta Kits B150 and B250 bridges?

A: Both the B150 and B250 meet all the criteria above and are capable of repairing every type of damage anywhere on the glass, even right on the edge. Damage fills incredibly fast due to the low pressure hydraulic design that removes trapped air completely rather than using air pressure like vacuum first models. Both bridges easily adjust in all directions for perfect alignment to the impact point every time, even after the bridge has been affixed to the glass. Both models feature a stainless steel and aluminum vacuum cup that would hold the bridge securely to the glass through a hurricane but is easily removed with the flip of a lever.

The B250 has been one of the best-selling windshield repair bridges in the industry for over a decade. The three point design adjusts to various curved windshields. The base is made of nylon/fiberglass composite that is nearly indestructible and the injector is made of stainless steel. The injector features Delta’s exclusive spring loaded mechanism for quick and easy injection/vacuum cycling. It’s a top shelf bridge priced well below our competitor’s top selling bridges and the B250 is designed for a lifetime of service, backed by a lifetime warranty.

The B150 is even smaller than the B250, fitting easily into shop aprons or the Delta Kits tool belt. The two point design provides slightly less adjustability on curved glass but it is still rock solid due to the flip lever vacuum cup and rigid aluminum base. The B150 is available in a variety of colors and the durable aluminum screw type injector is extremely easy to use and clean. The B150 is designed for years of dependable service and the price is comparable to competitor bridges with far fewer features.

So which is “best”? While I use both regularly I believe the three point design and the stainless steel injector put the B250 on top but the smaller size and lower cost make the B150 a close contender and a great option. Many Delta Kits customer must feel the same because they often end up buying both.

Next month we’ll answer more specific questions about these two great bridges!

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