2 Bridges are Better than 1!

Delta Kits tries to keep things simple by manufacturing one primary resin, and eliminating excess hoses, valves, and seals on injectors and bridges. Sometimes less is more, but not when it comes to bridges!

Delta Kits offers single bridge windshield repair systems for those who are on a tight budget, those who feel a single bridge is better suited for their needs, and for those who are just getting started in the windshield repair business. However, Delta Kits recommends investing in more than one bridge to all technicians for a couple of reasons; time is money, and planning for any and all circumstances is crucial.

Many times there are multiple rock chips on the same windshield. Having multiple bridges comes in handy when a customer has more than one piece of damage on their windshield. Getting the job done fast and efficiently is beneficial; the quicker you get a job done, the more repairs you can complete in a day, leading to increased profits. Placing value in your customer’s time is just as important. You can easily satisfy your customer by saving them time and by completing multiple repairs at once.

From time to time we receive calls from customers who place rush orders for replacement injectors because they accidentally cured the plunger to the cylinder. While this situation can be easily avoided by following Delta Kits cleaning instructions after each repair, we all make mistakes once in a while and having a back-up bridge means you won’t have down time while waiting for a replacement. It pays off to plan ahead. A great choice for a backup is Delta Kits’ new B150 Bridge. It is very compact and durable, fits into the new On-the-Go Pro Pack, and you can rest assured that it will get the job done properly and efficiently every time.

Just like the Boy Scouts, the motto of windshield repair technicians should be “Be Prepared”. Save your customer time and yourself money by being well prepared for any and every situation that presents itself to you.

For more information on our bridges contact us at (800) 548-8332 or check out our website at www.deltakits.com.

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