HAZMAT Shipping Certification Update

We’ve spoken before about Delta Kits’ dedication to staying current with recent policies and procedures regarding the shipment of materials deemed hazardous by the Department of Transportation. Delta Kits frequently completes courses for ongoing shipment regulation changes, including:

49CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) – for domestic ground and air shipment: “Published by the United States Department of Transportation. These regulations govern all modes of transport of dangerous goods/hazardous materials to/from or within the United States and its territories.” (http://dgitraining.com/pages/Glossary.html).”

IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) – for ocean shipment: “The recommendations for the international transportation of dangerous goods by vessel. This document is based on the recommendations by the UN Committee of Experts, The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended (SOLAS), and the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973/78, as amended (MARPOL).” (http://dgitraining.com/pages/Glossary.html).”

Delta Kits’ Office Manager, Mindy Beaver, summed up the most significant update in policy and procedure:

“In my recent 49CFR re-certification class I learned of the change in classification for Consumer Commodities for both ground and air shipments. Under the current regulations, we are able to ship some of our HAZMAT items to utilize the exceptions this classification offers. In the near future there will be a new classification that combines both Consumer Commodity and Limited Quantity shipments into one classification. It could make a difference in the documentation and packaging of HAZMAT items. The new regulations are not yet published but are expected to go into effect as of January 2013.”

It is important to maintain these certifications for several reasons. First, adhering to federal and international shipping regulations ensures punctual and safe shipping for every Delta Kits purchase. Second, Civil or Criminal penalties may be pressed for noncompliance with these certifications. Staying up to date with these policies and procedures helps Delta Kits provide our customers with the best customer service and overall purchasing experience possible. We invest the time and money necessary to adhere to all shipping regulations. It is extremely important to us to ensure the safety of all individuals who come into contact with HAZMAT orders and shipments. For your own safety and protection we encourage you to ask all of your suppliers for proof of these certifications.

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