Laminated Glass in Door Windows

Auto glass repair is typically limited to windshields due to the fact that they are usually the only piece of laminated glass in a vehicle. Generally the side windows in a vehicle are tempered glass but this is not always the case.

In the late 1920’s American automakers began making laminated glass for windshields, and soon after began making laminated glass for all windows in vehicles. Then, in the 1950-60’s, the auto industry began producing vehicles with tempered glass in all windows except windshields in order to cut costs.

Currently, there are a number of high end vehicles with laminated door glass which provides safety and helps prevent break-ins. For these reasons, it is possible that we will see more cars on the market with laminated door glass in the near future. While door window damage is less likely to occur than windshield damage, technicians should be aware that if they see a door window that has a chip or crack but is not shattered, it is laminated glass and therefore can be repaired. If laminated door and back glass becomes more popular, repairable glass will not be limited to just windshields. The number of vehicles with repairable damage will increase, creating more repair opportunities for technicians within the auto glass repair industry.

Below is a link with a list of vehicles that are currently made with or have the option of coming with laminated side windows: (Note: this may not be a complete list)


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