Delta Kits Teams up with Living Water to Provide Safe Drinking Water to Families in Honduras and Zambia

From India, to Honduras, South and Central America, and even Africa we have had the incredible opportunity to change the lives of people in developing countries around the world. Our work with Living Water, a nonprofit organization that helps communities create sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene has helped the estimated 663 million who live without access to safe drinking water.

Here is an excerpt from our latest well project report from Living Water:

Without a safe water source to collect water for their washing, bathing, cleaning, cooking, or drinking, the 80 families of a Honduran village were left susceptible to dysentery, chronic coughs, and other waterborne illnesses. Although they had a surface water source, the water was contaminated and hindered their development by forcing them to constantly battle disease.

After contacting a Living Water field team and funding provided by Delta Kits, the village now has a safe water well. In addition to safe drinking water, the field team educated the residents in safe hygiene and sanitation practices in order to prevent hygiene-related disease.

“We thank the Lord our God for blessing us with water project in our community. We have had serious problems accessing clean, fresh water in our community because the only water sources we had contained untreated water. Now that we have this water pump in our village, we feel safe and we know we will have clean water at all times,” said a 43-year old farmer and beneficiary of Olman Villeda.

In February of this year, another well project was completed in Zambia, a landlocked country in southern Africa that also has one of the world’s fastest growing populations. The 26-family community was using a mud hole to meet primary water needs. Like in the Zambia village, proper hygiene and sanitation were taught to help prevent disease. To help ensure their water source remain a safe one, a 10- person committee was assembled to maintain and manage the well.\

“It is hoped that with the lessons shared and the new hygienic facilities that the people of Mwandemena will have an opportunity to fully experience and benefit from safe water!” as stated in the Living Water report.

Thank you for allowing us to help one village at a time have access to safe drinking water, a right for most of us that is easily taken for granted.
If you like more information about how you can help those lacking clean drinking water go here.

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