Women in the Repair Industry

The Auto glass industry has been predominately run by men from the beginning, but times are changing and women are finding reasons to get more involved in auto glass. The windshield repair industry has a lot to offer women and men alike and our friend Christi Bryan, owner of Chip Chick Windshield Repair, has a few encouraging words for women in the industry. She was kind enough to tell us how she got involved and why she loves it so much. Go get‘em ladies!

“I got started in windshield repair after my husband asked if I could start supplementing the income for things like summer camps, summer sports, prom dresses and other special event outfits for the kids. My windshield repair business has worked perfectly for this, giving me flexible hours so I can participate in school activities with the kids, be home when they are sick and attend their sporting events.

Before I started my windshield repair career my husband researched multiple ways of how to go about setting this up. That’s how we found Delta Kits. Delta offered training courses and we decided to do that first before we bought any equipment in case windshield repair was not my thing. We did not have to travel far because Delta was offering training in Houston Texas. After training I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and start a windshield repair business. I ordered all my equipment from Delta and then began planning all the other details of the business.

I have now been repairing windshields for seven years and still love my job. This is my third career, my previous being a microbiologist, and a school teacher. My windshield repair business is by far my most favorite of these three. It was nice when I first started to be able to come home after work with a smile on my face and do the ‘I love my job dance. What I enjoy about windshield repair is I go somewhere different every day because I am mobile. I love that I get to be outside and I enjoy getting to know my customers because many will stay outside and watch and chat.

As a woman entering into the repair industry, which is mainly occupied by men, I would say don’t give that aspect of the business a second thought. The majority of the men I am around are respectful and enjoyable to be around. If you do a good job you will be respected. I did feel intimidated at first when I would walk into a shop full of men, but I would focus on my job and answer professionally any questions they had on windshield repair. Over time my confidence improved and the men realized I was a good technician and treated me as such. The regular question I get from men and women alike is “How did YOU get in THIS business” Then I proceed to tell them my story.

To me the keys to being successful, whether you are a man or a woman, is to really like your customers, and to be professional in what you say and how you look and how you do your job. Any woman who enjoys people, enjoys the outdoors, and likes working with her hands, I feel would find that this is a very rewarding job and might also find herself doing the ‘I love my job dance.”

Christi Bryan
Chip Chick Windshield Repair

Christi is one of many successful women in the auto glass trade. This goes to show that the windshield repair industry is not just a man’s world, but is something that women can really excel at as well. The key to success is to love your job; I’m with Christi…let’s all do the, “I love my job dance!”

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