Premium Bond Windshield Repair Resin is Back!

Two All New Resins with a Familiar Name

This month Delta Kits is very excited to announce two all new windshield repair resins, Premium Bond 20 and Premium Bond 3000. Formulated to out-perform all other windshield repair resins, both of these great new products are made using the highest quality ingredients and latest technology available. The development and testing took over two years to complete but the results were well worth the wait. These resins are game changers!

Although the formulations are completely new from the ground up, the Premium Bond brand is not. Premium Bond reigned supreme over all other windshield repair resins in the 80s, 90s and really put Delta Kits on the map. I’m convinced the new Premium Bond will have an even larger following once our customers have a chance to try it.

Premium Bond 20

Premium Bond 20 is a 20 cP low viscosity injection resin. What makes it extremely unique is that it is over thirty (30) times more flexible than traditional injection resins. The ability of a windshield repair fill resin to flex and stretch is important because in addition to the natural expansion and contraction of the glass, a windshield is subject to a great deal of vibration and stress. Other windshield repair resins often fail, not because they do not bond well to the glass, but because they are too brittle to flex with the glass. Premium Bond 20 solves this problem making it particularly well suited for repairing long cracks. The low viscosity and excellent wetting properties also make it ideal for tight star breaks but it performs equally well in bullseye and combination breaks. If you liked the Premium Bond of the 1990s or MagniBond, the best-selling resin in the industry for the past two decades, you’re going to love Premium Bond 20!

In addition to being an excellent resin for all break types, Premium Bond 20 is an all climate product. No need to change resins due to varying weather conditions, this one does it all and does it all exceptionally well!

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Premium Bond 3000

Premium Bond 3000 is a, yep you guessed it, 3000 cP high viscosity pit filler with equally unique qualities. Benefits over traditional pit fillers include a very high tensile strength and shore hardness that produce an extremely durable, scratch resistant, finish that is easy to polish and stands up to everything nature throws at it. Premium Bond 3000 also has 50% less water absorption than competitive brands and almost no linear shrinkage. Pits won’t yellow, shrink or fall out! Clearly an outstanding pit filler, Premium Bond 3000 is also perfect for plate glass repairs and pit capping. It’s not too thick to use in the winter and not too thin to use in the summer, making it an instant favorite among windshield repair professionals worldwide.

Both Premium Bond 20 and Premium Bond 3000 are crystal clear and have exceptional bonding strength with a remarkably low acid content and fast cure times. Premium Bond windshield repair resins are safe, effective, tested and of course backed up by Delta Kits 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely convinced these are the best resins you have ever used we’ll buy them back.

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