Infinity 4.1 to the Rescue!

At Delta Kits we take great pride in our windshield repair and headlight restoration products and services. From time to time, we like to share stories of customers who have completed very difficult repairs and restorations. One recent instance that demonstrates, yet again, the superior quality of Delta Kits’ Infinity 4.1 headlight restoration coating, involves a 2006 Cadillac CTS. The following photos are provided to us courtesy of Windshield Repair Forum Member Todd Everett “T4K”, owner of J & K Glass and Trim.

The owner of this Cadillac faced three options: Leave the damaged headlights as they are and deal with limited nighttime visibility, completely replace them with new parts, or get them restored with Delta Kits’ Infinity 4.1 Headlight Restoration Coating. The owner likely realized the danger of the first choice and the high costs of the second choice ($502.95!); therefore, the sensible decision was to have the headlights professionally restored.

As you can see from the “Before” and “After” pictures, the vehicles’ headlights went from opaque to crystal clear. In addition to turning out so well, the restoration process only took Everett about 30 minutes to complete. The newly restored CTS headlights appear to be fresh off the assembly line. Once again, Delta Kits’ Infinity 4.1 Headlight Restoration Coating proves that you get “Great results the first time, every time!” As you can imagine, the owners of the vehicle was ecstatic to have saved time, money, and resources.

Everett takes pride in his work and enjoys exceeding his customer’s expectations:

“The thing I like best about headlight restoration is providing the ‘WOW’ factor to my customers. The couple who own the 2006 Cadillac CTS saw the restored headlights and their jaws hit the floor! Quality headlight restoration improves the whole appearance of the car. It makes an older can look new again. It can be hard work but it really pays off in the end!”

Headlight restoration professionals demand exceptional results and once again Infinity 4.1 delivers! To learn more about Delta Kits’ full line of windshield repair and headlight restoration products, visit or call toll free at (800) 548-8332.

Todd Everett is the owner and proprietor of J & K Glass and Trim in Daphne, AL.

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