Tech Tip: Battling Humidity and Headlight Restoration

Summer has finally arrived! Let’s kick summer off with a few helpful warm weather headlight restoration tips.

Humid weather presents a number of challenges for professional headlight restoration technicians; one of the more frustrating challenges is when a water based coating turns “milky” white as it cures. If this has happened to you it is likely because the coating has been contaminated with moisture. Even a little water mixed with Infinity 4.1 can create problems, so it is important to take proper precautions to insure there is no moisture on or around the lens during application of the coating.

Here are a few things you can do to minimize the chance of moisture contamination.

  1. Start by protecting the surface of the headlight lens from excess moisture (summer rain, kids with hoses, sprinklers, etc.), and be sure to take extra care around the edges when towel drying prior to applying the coating. Restore headlights indoors whenever possible to shield from outdoor elements.
  2. Even if you thoroughly dry the lens, condensation occurs when the air temperature is warmer than the surface temperature, so it is important to warm the lens prior to applying the coating. A heat lamp or even turning on the headlights will help keep the lens warm but the combination of heat and air flow is the best option. Using a portable heater or hair dryer to direct warm air over the surface of the lens is a very effective way to prep a headlight for coating. Not only does the heat keep the lens free from moisture, the air flow drastically improves coating dry time. Warming the headlights will help keep moisture at bay and also help the coating self-level for a smooth, streak free finish.
  3. Methanol or isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) may also be used for the final cleaning of a headlight prior to applying the coating. The alcohol mixes with the water and causes it to evaporate faster, especially when used in conjunction with a portable heater. If you use alcohol be sure that it has evaporated completely before applying the coating.

These tips are not only useful for warm weather headlight restorations but also for cold weather restorations. Take these simple precautions and you’ll have a summer filled with successful headlight restorations and happy customers!

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