Choosing the Right Windshield Repair Bridge Part Three

Choosing the Right Windshield Repair Bridge Part Three…continued.

In earlier articles, we have discussed the differences between Delta Kits’ most popular windshield repair bridges, the B250 and the B150, comparing the features and benefits of each. We did not however discuss the Delta Kits B300 Bridge, which still has a loyal following and a number of unique features.

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Like the B250, the B300 features Delta Kits’ best stainless steel I-100 spring plunger injection system, a 3-point design that allows for vertical and edge repairs without extra attachments or special equipment, and a slotted base that provides vertical and horizontal adjustment. The base is the same size and shape as the B250 but they are not interchangeable.

While the B250 and the B150 flip lever vacuum cups are unparalleled in simplicity and durability, the B300 utilizes a pump style vacuum cup to hold the injector securely against the glass. One advantage of a pump style cup includes a red indicator on the pump’s plunger to alert the technician should the cup begin to lose suction for any reason. While it’s extremely unlikely that a flip style vacuum cup would lose suction during the repair process, the release indicator on the B300 provides an extra level of confidence.

Perhaps the most notable quality of the B300 vacuum cup is its ability to adhere to nearly any curved surface. While most B250 and B150 owners may never encounter a windshield with a curve that their flip lever vacuum cups won’t adhere to, the fact is there are a few windshields with odd angles that present a challenge for many bridges and for those the B300 is the perfect solution.

The pump style vacuum cup does require slightly more maintenance than a flip lever vacuum cup but if you keep the vacuum cup clean and lube the pump seal occasionally the B300 will provide years of trouble free service. I used one for many years before the B250 was introduced and it always performed flawlessly.

There are thousands of B300 bridges still in service today and there will always be one in my tool box, if for no other reason than to tackle those rare windshields with a curve that other bridges just won’t stick to. As with all Delta Kits bridges, several optional injectors are available so the B300 can be customized to your preference.

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