Tech Tip: On-the-go Pro Pack Tool Belt

The Pro Pack tool belt is one of those items that every mobile technician can appreciate, because of its convenience and efficiency. If you are a mobile windshield repair technician and are tired of lugging around a large tool box full of tools, or if you dislike running back and forth for your tools, Delta Kits recommends the On-the-Go Pro Pack tool belt.

This convenient carry all will provide windshield repair technicians with streamlined mobile storage for their windshield repair tools and supplies. The Pro Pack’s assorted individual pouches and elastic bands hold all of the tools a technician could dream of, such as resin, injectors, scribes, bridges, drills, and various other accessories. The Pro Pack will hold all of your windshield repair tools securely in place conveniently on your belt, while keeping them close to your side, making them easily accessible during all stages of the windshield repair process.

If you’re looking for a convenient and – inexpensive way to eliminate clutter and increase efficiency, the Delta Kits On-the-go Pro Pack tool belt may be just what you’re looking for!

This month we have our EZ-200S Mini Mobile windshield repair system, which features the Pro Pack, discounted at 20% off!

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Tech Tip: On-the-go Pro Pack Tool Belt

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