Tech Tip: Your Tools are an Investment Worth Protecting

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One of the many great things about the windshield repair industry is the low investment necessary to start your own business. However for many of us every penny counts, especially for the first couple of years while building our clientele. Investing in the right equipment and then properly maintaining that equipment is essential to your success.

The biggest mistake I see when working with new technicians is that they buy a windshield repair system based on cost only and do not take into consideration the long term value of their investment. No matter how good a mechanic is he/she cannot get much done if their only tools are a screwdriver and a hammer and the same can be said for glass repair technicians. You can buy a windshield repair system for just a few hundred dollars but does it really have all the tools you need to handle every type of damage you may encounter in every type of weather condition? If not, you may be doing your customers a disservice and you are probably not reaching your money earning potential.

Even at regular retail prices Delta Kits’ most expensive windshield repair systems are packaged to provide maximum long term value for our customers. Whether you are looking to purchase your first windshield repair kit or have been thinking of upgrading your old system there has never been a better time to buy the Delta Kits EZ-450D Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System.

Don’t Neglect Your Equipment
The second biggest mistake I see new and experienced technicians make is neglecting their equipment. Every driver knows you can’t win a race if you don’t keep your car in top condition and every windshield repair technician “should” know that you can’t be successful if you don’t keep your tools in top condition. Maintenance is simple but has to be performed precisely and routinely in order to preserve your investment and get the best possible performance. Here are a few of the things I recommend doing during or directly after every repair.
  • Store your windshield repair resin bottles in your toolbox with the lid closed. Only open the box to remove or replace the item you need and then close it again immediately to keep harmful UV rays off of the equipment and chemicals.
  • Cover your injector with a UV shield during the repair process. Not only will this prevent resin from hardening in your injector but also from curing prematurely in the damage being filled.
  • Clean your injector by separating the parts and rinsing thoroughly in clean denatured alcohol and store them separately in the upright position inside your closed toolbox. Curing injector parts together is our number one complaint and it can be prevented 100% of the time by cleaning the parts properly after every repair. Note that the alcohol needs to be completely evaporated before starting your next repair so when performing repairs back to back you may use compressed air to blow out resin residue instead of rinsing in alcohol but the injector should be cleaned in alcohol if it is not to be used again immediately. If you use a spring type injector plunger be sure to rinse with alcohol with the spring compressed first and then with the spring relaxed before storing vertically in the toolbox with the spring relaxed.
  • Use denatured alcohol to clean resin off of bridge bases, lights, scribes and other equipment while the resin is still wet. Once cured it is extremely difficult to remove without damaging the equipment.
  • Fold up a paper towel and place it in your tool box under your bridge. This will keep any resin or alcohol from dripping into the toolbox where it may damage the foam liner or the vacuum cup on your bridge. Replace as necessary.
  • Check to make sure your UV light and injector are working properly before and after every repair. It’s much easier to address any issues at those times than it is once you have started the repair process.
  • After every repair check to see that you have enough resin, polish, razor blades, burs, curing tabs and end seals to get you through the next one to two weeks of anticipated business. We send out a lot of orders next day air simply because customers wait until they run out of something before ordering more. This isn’t really a maintenance tip but a very good habit to develop.

All of the above can be done in in just a couple of minutes but can save you a considerable amount of time, money and frustration. There are exceptions to the rule but more often than not I can tell how successful a windshield repair technician is by looking at his or her toolbox. If everything is clean and in good condition they are generally doing pretty well but if their tools are missing or covered in resin and grime they are probably having a tough go of it.

In closing I’ll add that customers tend to appreciate technicians with clean well-organized tools. It’s a sign of professionalism and pride in workmanship.

Written by Brent Deines, President, Delta Kits Inc.

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