Windscreen Repair Resin for Professional Use

In most cases, damage occurs on windscreens because an object strikes the glass. That impact creates windscreen damage. This damage comes in various forms such as a bullseye, star break, combination break, or cracks. Repairs can be done using windscreen repair resin. Fortunately, auto glass repair technicians are able to repair most damage in-lieu-of a windscreen replacement.

Windscreen repair is a permanent process that can be used to repair laminated glass that has been damaged, using windscreen repair resin. The resin is an organic material that approximates the refractive index of the glass and, when cured, will seal the break or crack.

Laboratory and Field Tested Windscreen Repair Resin

Professional technicians worldwide prefer our windshield repair resins because of their consistent quality, affordability, durability, clarity, and ease of use. All of our windscreen resins have been laboratory and field tested by trained, experienced professional repair technicians. So, you can count on repairs completed using our resin to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Our PB20 injection resin is 30 times more flexible than traditional injection resins. It’s all weather and it has a low viscosity, making it an excellent choice for any type of damage.

“I have been using Delta Kits resins for over a decade now, at the time Delta Kits was the only company that passed British Standards Institute (BSI) testing. Also, they were the only company that could ship to my country and provide the proper paperwork for the resins to clear my country’s customs process.” – S. Shin

The PB3000 windscreen pit resin works in all weather conditions and it can double as a plate glass repair resin. It has unparalleled shore hardness and superior tensile strength, making it the best pit resin money can buy!

“Our temperatures are extreme here in Azerbaijan. But thanks to the versatility of Delta Kits we can do windscreen repairs year round in all climates.” – T.Gahramano

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