Expert Q&A: How long does the Infinity coating typically last?


How long does the Infinity coating typically last on a headlight restoration with reasonable driving/washing technique?


A car that’s washed frequently, waxed occasionally, parked indoors at night, parked facing away from direct sunlight (UV) during the day, driven about 15,000 miles per year in a relatively mild climate… it’ll probably last 5+ years. However, that is not the way most vehicles are driven or cared for, so the honest answer is “it depends”, just as it does with the OEM coatings.

Our experience has been that on average in our climate it holds up well for around 2 years and still looks better than pre-restoration after 3 years.

We’ve tested many other coatings alongside Infinity in an accelerated weathering chamber and found that Infinity outperformed the other coatings by an average of 30%.

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