A Handy Tool for a Sticky Situation – Crack Expander Tech Tip

Have you ever run across a stubborn crack where the resin just won’t flow? Maybe you’ve tried a variety of techniques like flexing the glass with a probe, and heating the glass. But still, the resin will not flow through the crack. What do you do? Don’t give up yet! You can use a handy tool called the 22425 Delta Kits Crack Expander.

The Design

The design of the Crack Expander is to open cracks in glass. Creating a wider path for windshield repair resin to flow more freely throughout the break. To open a stubborn crack using the crack expander, make sure the center screw is retracted. Just until the rubber tip is flush with the bottom of the base. Moisten the cups with a drop of water or glass cleaner. Then place the crack expander on the inside of the windshield, with one cup on each side of the crack… Read More