Crack Expander for Glass Repair

Have you ever run across a stubborn crack where the resin just won’t flow? Maybe you’ve tried a variety of techniques like flexing the glass with a probe, and heating the glass, but still the resin will not flow through the crack. What do you do? Don’t give up yet! Grab a handy Delta Kits Crack Expander.

The Design

The Crack Expander is designed to open cracks in glass, creating a wider path for windshield repair resin to flow more freely throughout the break.

How to Use

Open up stubborn cracks using the crack expander. Retract the center screw until the rubber tip is flush with the bottom of the base. Moisten the cups with a drop of water or glass cleaner. Place the crack expander on the inside of the windshield with one cup on each side of the crack. Make sure the center screw aligns with the crack. Press the suction cups firmly, but gently against the glass.

Once the crack expander is securely attached, turn the center screw clockwise until the tip touches the glass. Continue tightening until you see the crack begin to open up. Exercise caution when creating pressure on the glass. Glass is very volatile, and while the Crack Expander is designed to release from the glass if too much pressure is applied, it is possible to make a crack run before the tool releases.

Once you have filled the crack with windshield repair resin and have covered it with curing tape, slowly back out the center screw until it is no longer touching the glass.

Complete the repair and cure the crack as you would with any other type of damage. Leave the Crack Expander attached to the glass until the crack has been fully cured. Once cured, remove it from the inside of the glass by the gently pulling up on the release tabs on the two suction cups, or use a nylon stick to remove each cup.

Replacement Parts:

16080 Suction Cup
23531 Suction Cut Hanger Bolt
13300 Stainless Steel Adjusting Screw
13355 Rubber Adjusting Screw Tip (One Pkg of 2)

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This windshield repair training is a hands-on, intensive, one day course designed to take your repair quality to the next level. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, this class is right for you!

Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to offering the highest standard of training in the windshield repair industry. During the Delta Kits Training and Certification course, technicians are trained to follow ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standards), the industries best practices. Delta Kits Training and Certification covers all technical aspects of windshield repair and will take you from never having completed a repair, to being among the best technicians in the industry. The marketing and insurance billing discussion is designed to help you become more successful in your windshield repair business.


Who are our experts:

Brent Deines was originally trained by a Novus Methodman in 1987 and is NWRA certified. He has extensive experience repairing windshields and restoring headlights in a variety of climates and conditions. Deines has owned several auto glass repair and replacement businesses in Montana and Oregon and is currently the President and CEO of Delta Kits where he helped develop the company’s headlight restoration program and started the company’s windshield repair training and certification program in 1995.

Korey Gobin, Delta Kits sales manager, is NWRA certified and has been training individuals as well as large groups in the art of professional windshield repair and headlight restoration since 2008. Gobin is actively involved in the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard and in 2011 was awarded the Mobile Tech Windshield Repair Person of the Year. Korey serves on the ROLAGS committee and has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico to promote high quality standards for windshield repair and headlight restoration. He is affectionately known by his customers as the “Go to Guy” for windshield repair.

Graham Watson, is one of the original Novus Technicians in the UK since 1988 and since then has been running a very successful windscreen repair service in the UK. In 2008 Graham was named Windshield Repair Person of the year at the Mobile Tech Expo, an award he is very proud of as it is voted for by his peers in the trade. For the past 10 years, Watson has been active training technicians for the repair industry and specializes in advanced training for techs with previous experience, during this time he has been lucky enough to work with people from many different countries. His passion for helping others carry out the best quality repairs possible shows in the time he spends offering advice on different trade forums as Screenman.