Expert Q&A: Dealing with Dust and Repairing “Old Cracks”


I am a windshield repair technician and I haven’t used your product ever before. In my country of Nigeria,  we face some challenges whenever we have an old crack on the windshield, the majority of those cracks are dusty and the dust wouldn’t let the crack wipe away totally, are there any of your products that I can use to solve or reduce this issue?


The use of alcohol, solvents, or even water to remove contaminants will damage the PVB inner layer and so Delta Kits does not recommend the use of liquid cleaners in any form?

A probe may be used to remove the crushed glass and contaminates from the impact point and blowing air across the damage (with a dust blower) may help remove fine dust particles from all types of damage.

However, if dust has worked its way deep into the damage there is in some cases no way to remove it but in order to provide the best possible solution to your problem additional information is necessary. For example, are you speaking specifically about long cracks, or is the problem with all types of damage? When you say “old crack”, just how old? Photos would also be helpful.

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