Do you Provide Windshield Repair Training?


Do you provide windshield repair training? If so, how and where? Do you come to me? Is it available online?


All our windshield repair systems include a downloadable step-by-step instructional manual. Hands-on training is available in Eugene, Oregon, on a bi-monthly basis. Additionally, from time to time, training classes are held at select locations throughout the USA. More information can be found on our training page.

Some additional resources Delta Kits makes available to our customers include:

Certification, Who needs it?

“Should I get certified?” I hear this question a lot from technicians that are just starting in the industry. It is actually a difficult question to answer. There are many successful windshield repair technicians with thriving companies that have absolutely no certification or hands-on factory training. In the past, with equipment manufacturers charging hundreds of dollars for training, and the inconvenience and cost of taking the National Glass Association Certification Exam, many technicians have chosen to ignore the process. But times are definitely changing.

Now that the first US windshield repair standard, the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS), is complete, both the National Glass Association (NGA) and the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) are developing online certification programs. A schedule will be available very soon. Also, using the Internet to educate technicians and to administer the certification process is a very welcome change for our industry. Furthermore, I would encourage any technician to take a look at the new programs. Taking away a few of the hurdles to become a well-educated windshield repair technician will hopefully result in both better repairs being performed and a better image for our industry.

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