Expert Q&A: Why do I Have to Use Pit Resin?


Please why do I have to use a Pit Resin? Can't I use Premium Bond 20 Resin as a Surface and Chip Fill? Will ProBond 5060 not do to fill a deep Pit in the process of Curing a Crack, as a substance for filling point of impact?


It is not necessary to use pit resin, however "best practice" is to use a high quality pit resin in conjunction with a high quality injection resin.

Pit resins are not just thicker versions of fill resins, the chemistry targets a specific purpose. Pit resins are formulated to provide a very hard, smooth cured surface to provide maximum resistance to weather, wiper abrasion, chemicals, etc. In addition, the higher viscosity of pit resins help it to stay in place on vertical surfaces while the curing tab is applied.

Injection resins are formulated for maximum elasticity (flex) so that as the glass expands and contracts due to changing temperatures and body flex the injection resin expands and contracts with it. This is important for all types of damage and essential for star breaks and cracks.

30081 Premium Bond 20 is Delta Kits' best injection resin for all weather conditions and all repair types including long crack and 30260 Premium Bond 3000 pit resin is our best all weather pit filler. When followed by 30400 Premium Pit Polish, this combination will produce the highest quality repairs, both cosmetically and structurally.