Expert Q&A: What Types of Glass can Scratches be Removed From?


What types of glass can scratches be removed from using Delta Kits polishing compound?


Delta Kits cerium oxide and polishing head can be used effectively to remove light scratches from windshields, mirrors, residential plate glass windows, and other non-tempered glass. In some cases, cerium oxide may also be used to remove scratches from hardened or tempered glass but it is much more difficult and therefore not recommended. The polishing head features a dense, wool-felt wheel mounted to an aluminum adapter plate. The wheel is 1″ x 3″ with a 5/8” arbor and 1/4″ shank adapter so it can be attached to a high-quality polisher or variable speed electric drill. Delta Kits cerium oxide is a very high-grade extra fine abrasive used by glass and mirror manufacturers for edge and surface polishing.

Be sure to request scratch polishing instructions if this is your first time using these products.

*Note: Tempered or heat hardened glass is typically used in automotive side glass and back glass or commercial applications.

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