Expert Q&A: Using Cerium Oxide to Remove Glass Scratches


Will I be able to remove scratches on my windshield with the Cerium Oxide Buffing Compound?


Yes, we use Cerium Oxide and our Polishing Head to remove light scratches from windshields. This combination is also used by many windshield suppliers to remove light scratches from “new” windshields before delivery to glass shops. If you order this product be sure to request our scratch polishing instructions.

The key to scratch removal is patience, persistence and properly identifying the types of scratches that can be removed successfully. As a rule of thumb if a scratch is deep enough that you can catch a fingernail in it the likelihood of satisfactory removal is greatly diminished. Keep in mind this is a very labor-intensive process so the longer the scratch the longer it will take to remove it, and if the windshield is covered in scratches it is probably not cost-effective to try and remove them.

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