Expert Q&A: Number of Repairs per Bottle of Resin


On an average how many repairs in a one bottle of windshield repair resin


Assuming you are using a Delta Kits Bridge and injector, Delta Kits recommends 14 drops when using our glass pipette dropper and 7 drops if using our older style plastic pipette dropper. (The dropper volume is different between the glass and plastic dropper ) It is very important that you dispense the resin as deep as possible into the injector barrel when using in a top loaded injector as is the Delta Kits Injector. 

Now back to your original question, buy using the guide above you can expect a minimum of 50 repairs from a 15ml bottle of resin. Cracks is a whole other topic, no good answer for that, too many variables. If referring to a 7ml of Premium Pit Resin, well over 100 repairs.

Here is a video showing the correct application of resin into a Delta Kits Injector.